Hi! I'm Tina, the woman behind Akasha Leather. I began working with leather in 2018 after traveling abroad and taking leather workshops in both New Zealand and Vietnam. What sparked from a conversation about the need for (getting back to) working with my hands, turned into a full blown business. 

I’ve been making things with my hands since the early day. Brought up in a household where sewing and crafts were commonplace. I was even part of a sewing 4H Group. Sewing filled this desire to create, pulling resources together to make a unique item I could be proud of.

Leather had drawn me in for decades. I’ve always admired the many uses, and the freedom there is in working with it. From basic chaps to ornate floral carved boots, the sky is the limit with creation!! Plus, a quality leather item is worn with the years of stories it's been a part of. 




Akasha Leather is a project that filled a creative hole, fueling a passion to expand my horizons as an artist.





Raised in rural Vermont, I love traveling and everything outdoors. After graduating college I moved west in search of bigger mountains and better snow. Making Utah my home since 2007.       

When I don’t have a project on the table you can find me teaching Yoga or on the trails, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking or skiing. Plus, my husband and I love to travel! 

We can be found in the desert of Southern Utah or literally anywhere in the world. In fact many of my designs are inspired from our international travels. Either from a particular cultural experience or because I found a need for certain items while on the road.



I was hesitant to start a brand and add to the growing list of businesses trying to sell something. But, as a consumer I know it’s the brands that are sustainability run, who make durable products, and whose quality is woven into every product that I love and support. Because those are the products I’m proud to purchase and will enjoy for years to come. 


Thus, that is what I am creating with Akasha Leather. A brand which you can trust in, and whom you want to support. The leather I purchase is selectively sourced from tanneries who’s hides are a byproduct of the meat industry, which are vegetable tanned.  




What is Akasha?

Akasha is one of the 5 elements, the element of ether. Akasha is the element that knows no boundaries and is limitless in its possibilities. This etheric quality, light and boundless, inspires me everyday to create from a place of joy. To continue learning and honing skills that will, in turn, bring beautiful handmade designs that inspire those around me.      




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